Summertime in Texas usually proves to be a sweltering experience. But fishing in the cool morning air might surprise you. Picture this: fishing at dusk, in calm glasslike water, watching the beautiful Texas sunset, and fishing with a top water bait; BANG the water in front of you breaks with that big bass mouth enveloping your lure. Got your attention now? See our membership and sportfishing options while they last.

Mosquito Control On the Lake

LakesunsetEveryone knows water and mosquitoes are a great combination. Anyone who ventures near a river or a lake can expect to get eaten up by the bugs, especially during the early morning and evening hours. This can be a true problem for those who want to go hiking, camping, or fishing around our lake. To help, we do everything we can to try and stay proactive when it comes to mosquito control on the lake.

Our Biggest Issues

hydroglowIn the summer time, we have visitors from all over coming to visit our lake. In year’s past, we would hear praise about how beautiful our lake is, but we also heard a lot about how miserable our guests were because of the mosquitos, gnats, and other insects. They would talk about how they would come back more often if the bugs were not so bad that they were unable to fish. It seemed unanimous. The fishermen all said they couldn’t sit still long enough to reel in the big one because they couldn’t put on enough bug spray to keep the dang bugs off them. Since we are in the business of providing people with exactly what they want, we quickly came to understand that we would have to put effort into controlling our problems so that people would want to come back and visit with us again.

Our Solution

MosquitoControlWe started out by planting plants near the lake that were supposed to help control the population of mosquitoes. It was a cost effective way to handle it in a natural environment. It helped, but it wasn’t enough to control all biting insects and we would have had to plant a lot more to completely eliminate the mosquitoes. We also tried to use other chemicals around the lake to kill the ones that were on land, but it was not very effective once fishermen got into the lake a little. Therefore, we finally decided to give a mosquito trap a try. We put it near the camp, but away from where it would annoy campers if it made noise. We looked on the web and found the trap that everyone said was the best mosquito trap they had found. Immediately we began to see fewer visitors scratching, swatting, and leaving. As the weeks continued, we continued to see a positive impact, so we purchased a few more to put around the lake.

What Visitors Have to Say Now

Now, when people come to visit us, they often say that they had fewer mosquito bites than they would have ever imagined when they visited a lake. Returning visitors stated that they had never enjoyed fishing on our lake so much. Everyone wanted to know how we had managed to get control of our mosquitos. We were happy to hear their praise and to see their surprise when we told them that we were using mosquito traps that were randomly placed around our lake throughout the entire season. We are glad we discovered the trick to successful mosquito control on our lake.

Secrets to Bass Fishing

Fishing and learning how to successfully reel in the biggest bass on your boat is not always easy to do. It is something professionals dedicate their lives to. It is something that the average man can get good at, but it does take effort to learn how. Here are a few tips to help you learn the secrets to bass fishing. Perhaps it will take you to the next level in your fishing techniques.

BassFishingSecretsPro Bass Fishing Secrets

Start out simple with the lures when bass fishing as well as a good rod and reel set. For instance, if you want to use a lure, do so, but start out with a worm type lure, maybe throw in a wiggly head on it. Leave all other lures at home because often, more than the lure that you are using, it matters where you are fishing, the conditions of the water, and your technique. Instead of jumping from one lure to another, make sure you practice up with one. From there, you can branch out and try learning a new technique with others. Either way, the fish will come to you, eventually.

You will also want to see what others who are fishing nearby may be using, if they are catching fish or not. If they have a lure on their pole that is dragging fish in consistently, you may want to give it a try yourself.

Most of all, you will need to take the time. Spend time on the water and refuse to give up, even if you are unable to catch a lot of fish the first day out. Keep trying, keep practicing, and eventually you will figure out what works best for you when it comes time to catch the big bass.TopWaterPlugs

Lures Based on Conditions

Bass fishing with lures has a few catches. Bass enjoy slow moving colors. They need to be able to see the bait lure and have time to get to it. To help you understand the way a bass thinks, perhaps you should look at a few of these lure suggestions.

During cold weather months, you may need to stick with slower moving things. Fish are not necessarily fond of cold water any more than most people are. Therefore, a slow moving bait lure combined with a slow reel will help. The catch is, your lure will have to come into close proximity of the bass you are trying to catch. Otherwise, they may let it go right on by.

The same thing can be said about fishing in muddy or murky waters. Bass are not an energetic fish. If they have to work too hard to catch up to the bait, they will let it go. In warm, clear waters, you can be a little faster, but the success of your bass fishing expedition will depend on whether you are slow enough to appeal to the bass in that area.

If you are on the water early in the morning, you will stand a better chance of catching bass near the shore. They go near the shore to eat. As the day progresses, they will move into deeper water. In the mornings, it is best to use topwater lures and other types that are designed to stay near the water’s surface.

Crankbaits are great if you are fishing in water that varies a lot. This includes waters that have light vegetation, flats that are shallow, and even over rocks. If you want to further improve your chances of catching a bass, you may want to have a crankbait that rattles and has glowing eyes. Lipless or not should be based on the depth of water you will be fishing in. Use lipless crankbaits in very shallow or very deep waters.

One of the main secrets to bass fishing is for you to take your time and practice up. Success can be yours, but you have to understand the fish that you are after if you want to become a bass master.

Kayak Fishing On Our Lake

We take pride in our lake. It is as close to untouched as possible so that when people come to visit us, they are able to see a variety of wildlife that others may never get to see. We prefer that when guests show up, they leave their motor boats at home. We enjoy the quiet tranquility offered by kayaks and most of our guests say that kayak fishing on our lake is an experience worth having.

Why Go Kayak Fishing?

KayakFishingByBankThere are many reasons that people enjoy kayak fishing. One of the biggest advantages is that kayaks are very quiet and that they can get into areas that no other boat can go. This means that you can get your kayak up closer to the banks and you will not scare away the fish who may be feeding there. It also allows you to cast out toward deeper water and then reel into the shore, much the same as a small bait fish may travel.

Another reason for it though is that kayak fishing is simply more fun than other boats. You can view nature as you have never seen it before because you do not scare any of the wildlife around our lake away. This means you have plenty of photo opportunities when the fish are not biting. However, when the fish are biting, you may be reeling in only a small fish, but the boat itself will make it feel as though you are reeling in a massive trout or the largest bass ever caught on a hook. This is because when the fish takes hold and runs with it, your boat will rock and roll along with him.

Which Kayak Is Best for the Lake?

TandemKayakWhen it comes to kayak fishing on our lake, we enjoy seeing people out on a tandem fishing kayak, because it means that they are enjoying time with a partner. We feel that to totally enjoy all that fishing in a kayak has to offer, you should truly have a friend along with you. It ensures neither of you get worn out from paddling and you both can watch out for one another when it comes time to reel in the big ones. We also feel that inflatable kayaks are best. They are easily storable when not in use and they are lighter to carry down to the lake than standard kayaks. After reading through numerous inflatable kayak reviews, we have settled on what we thought was the best. They are puncture resistant and virtually indestructible as long as you do not over inflate them. They are also more comfortable than regular kayaks, according to many who own their own.

If you do own your own inflatable kayak, you can bring it with you rather than using one of ours. The only important thing as far as we are concerned, is that when you go kayak fishing on our lake, you have a great time. Are you ready to join us for an unforgettable fishing adventure?



The Lakes of Danbury is now featuring six fishing lakes equipped with boats along with four walk-around ponds for bank fishing.  In the last six months, we have stocked Florida, Native, and F-1 Largemouth Bass while adding more forage fish.  Additional stocking is planned and all of our lakes are full of water.

We survived the worse Texas drought in more than 75 years and we look forward to a great 2010.

Remember, spring is just around the corner and we have already had recent catches of 70 plus bass in a half day of fishing.  So bring the family and come join the fun at the Lakes of Danbury.


For the individual who loves largemouth bass fishing, The Lakes of Danbury is a little piece of heaven. Imagine, arriving to fish for the species and size sportfish you desire in addition to having the ability to choose the setting. Visiting on holiday or business travel? Longing to test your fly-fishing skills? Thinking about organizing a business and family picnic? We have the right package for you.

You may choose a small meandering lake lined with cypress and willow tress and loaded with standing and fallen oak, or opt for one of our larger lakes which host varying types of aquatic plants and structure, and provide an open feeling.

If you would like the unique challenge of chasing the elusive trophy bass or simply desire quantity rather than size, we have the perfect “hot action” lake for you.