Mosquito Control On the Lake

LakesunsetEveryone knows water and mosquitoes are a great combination. Anyone who ventures near a river or a lake can expect to get eaten up by the bugs, especially during the early morning and evening hours. This can be a true problem for those who want to go hiking, camping, or fishing around our lake. To help, we do everything we can to try and stay proactive when it comes to mosquito control on the lake.

Our Biggest Issues

hydroglowIn the summer time, we have visitors from all over coming to visit our lake. In year’s past, we would hear praise about how beautiful our lake is, but we also heard a lot about how miserable our guests were because of the mosquitos, gnats, and other insects. They would talk about how they would come back more often if the bugs were not so bad that they were unable to fish. It seemed unanimous. The fishermen all said they couldn’t sit still long enough to reel in the big one because they couldn’t put on enough bug spray to keep the dang bugs off them. Since we are in the business of providing people with exactly what they want, we quickly came to understand that we would have to put effort into controlling our problems so that people would want to come back and visit with us again.

Our Solution

MosquitoControlWe started out by planting plants near the lake that were supposed to help control the population of mosquitoes. It was a cost effective way to handle it in a natural environment. It helped, but it wasn’t enough to control all biting insects and we would have had to plant a lot more to completely eliminate the mosquitoes. We also tried to use other chemicals around the lake to kill the ones that were on land, but it was not very effective once fishermen got into the lake a little. Therefore, we finally decided to give a mosquito trap a try. We put it near the camp, but away from where it would annoy campers if it made noise. We looked on the web and found the trap that everyone said was the best mosquito trap they had found. Immediately we began to see fewer visitors scratching, swatting, and leaving. As the weeks continued, we continued to see a positive impact, so we purchased a few more to put around the lake.

What Visitors Have to Say Now

Now, when people come to visit us, they often say that they had fewer mosquito bites than they would have ever imagined when they visited a lake. Returning visitors stated that they had never enjoyed fishing on our lake so much. Everyone wanted to know how we had managed to get control of our mosquitos. We were happy to hear their praise and to see their surprise when we told them that we were using mosquito traps that were randomly placed around our lake throughout the entire season. We are glad we discovered the trick to successful mosquito control on our lake.